Learning should be safe

Learning should be safe

Posted by Clinton Brown on 1st Sep 2020

Our primary focus in August was to help schools reopen safely. About 76 million students will return to some form of school this fall, most returning in August. Nearly 56 million of those are under the age of 18. As our nation and world continue to understand Covid-19, we were committed to making sure the basics were taken care of: masks, sanitizer, and gloves. We shipped truckloads of product all over the US to make sure that those who decided to attend school in person or had no choice could do so as safely as possible.

Like you, we were reading and rereading the continual updates from the CDC on Preparing to Reopen and for Operating Schools during COVID-19.

Yes, it is overwhelming for us to, but we knew we had to focus on the basics, clean hands, staying home if we didn't feel well, and safe practices if we were out and about.

Contact our team today if your local educational institution is still in need of supplies. We have the product ready to go in the US. www.nexvoo.com

For more information on COVID-19 and schools:

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