About Us

Nexvoo is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN and is a U.S based C-Corporation, with European headquarters in the Netherlands. Nexvoo is an international leader in unified communications and healthcare technology.

Nexvoo’s Healthcare division is focused on innovated products include the BREEZE mask, a 6 in 1 healthcare monitor, an ergonomic health chair and provides worldwide distribution of everyday personal protection equipment including 3Ply mask, KN95, N95s, nitrile gloves and more.  www.nexvoostore.com

Nexvoo’s Technology division is focused on unified communicate devices that offer Google Play certifications, high level security, and plug and play designs.  www.nexvootech.com

Nexvoo does all its manufacturing at its factories in Xiamen, China.  The Nexvoo brand is part of a global conglomerate that owns over 70,000 sq feet of factories with over $300M in annual sales.